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Letters may also be e-mailed to, faxed to (661) 255-9689, or mailed to: Letter to the Editor, P.O. Box 801870, Santa Clarita CA 91380-1870. You must include your full name, the part of town in which you live (Saugus, Valencia, Canyon Country), and phone number. If you have one, please also include your email address. Letters must be confirmed by phone before being considered for publication. They should be limited to one topic or issue of public interest and may be edited for content, grammar, spelling and length (please keep to 300 words or fewer).

Anonymous letters, letters written by or forwarded from other sources, those involving personal or business disputes, and those deemed inappropriate for publication will not be printed. You may be limited to one letter every two weeks. Letters and articles submitted may be published in print, electronic or other forms. Letters, columns and cartoons express the opinions of the authors and not The Signal."

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